James Albright Offers Energy Regulatory Consulting and Legal Services

Mr. Albright offers soup-to-nuts energy regulatory consulting and legal services, supporting electric and natural gas utilities, utility partners and other affiliated businesses that benefit from expertise, practical experience and thorough understanding of the nuances of rate regulation and other facets of public utility regulation.

His services on major utility cases include:

Case strategy:

Brainstorming; identification of regulatory requirements; development and exploration of alternatives to achieve goals and maximize opportunities for success; design roadmap/procedures for implementing case strategies and an ongoing revision/development through the course of the proceeding.

Case Preparation:

Identification and resolution of pre-filing issues; outline of initial case;, analysis of supporting studies; direct testimony and exhibits; drafting of filing documents; identification of deficiencies and missing elements; notice and service requirements, and handling of confidential documents.

Litigation Management:

All types of motions and responsive pleadings, including procedural motions, discovery motions, motions as to scope, motions to limit or exclude evidence, and motions for ultimate or partial disposition; oral advocacy in support of positions.


Full range of discovery, including depositions, interrogatories and production of documents; assisting in developing case themes; crafting responses consistent with case themes; drafting and serving discovery requests; handling of confidential information and documents; prosecuting and defending discovery disputes; drafting motions to compel and responses to motions to compel; oral advocacy regarding discovery disputes.


Assist in developing and implementing negotiation strategies; negotiations with parties; drafting comprehensive and partial settlement agreements; providing necessary motion, argument and testimonial support.


Witness preparation; direct examination and cross-examination of fact witnesses and expert witnesses; oral hearing advocacy; initial briefing; administrative appeals and requests for rehearing.

Court review:

Initiate state or federal court review challenging legality of agency decisions or defend against such challenges; pleadings, motions and briefs.

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